Online Jobs

Finding a job online may not be as difficult as you think. The Internet has opened a wide range of opportunities for people from all levels of experience and educational backgrounds. The trick to finding employment online is knowing where to look, understanding your skills, and having your resume in order.

Different Job Opportunities

There are four main categories of jobs that you can find online. Of course, these four job titles cover a broad range of opportunities. Your skills and preferences will help determine which of these categories is right for you.

Content Writing

There are millions of websites posted on the Internet. Each of these sites requires content to make them interesting. Many websites, to boost search engine rankings, will change their content monthly. There are hundreds of freelance sites that accept new writers for this purpose alone. Writing can be performed full or part time and often works as a per-piece assignment. Freelance sites also offer other types of work such as logo creation, computer programming and office work.

Transcription Services

With the advent of high-speed internet connections many professions have found that work at home transcription services are very cost effective. Medical and law offices are the largest users of this type of service. Tapes will be sent to your home for you to transcribe. Once the task is complete you generally transmit the notes over the Internet to the office. Some companies may require you to print hard copies; it will depend on the office. You will need accurate typing and spelling skills and own current word processing software.

Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant is exactly what it sounds like. Instead of working at an office as an assistant you will work from home. Job duties may include answering calls, scheduling appointments, creating shipments, and customer follow-up. You will be in direct contact with your “boss” all the time, just like in an office setting. You will need to have good office skills for this position. Word processing and CRM software may be required.

Customer Support/Call Centre

There are many positions available in customer support. This job may entail taking calls from customers to solve problems, create orders, or provide support. These positions run 24 hours a day, and at first you may be required to work very odd hours. High speed Internet access is a requirement. Special phone lines and software may also be needed. Some customer support positions will require you to be able to connect to other computers so you can provide computer-to-computer help. It is very important that you understand all aspects of this type of work prior to accepting the position.